The Swiss association of professional concert, show and music festival organisers

Facts about SMPA

In 1991, the main organisers of concerts, shows and festivals in Switzerland decided to join forces and create a trade association, the SMPA. The SMPA members: together they account for over 80% of all concert, show and festival tickets sold in Switzerland. 2019, our members organised about 2,100 events of all kinds, drawing more than 5.6 million visitors, employing almost 3,400 artists in all and makes CHF 401 million with ticketing, catering and sponsoring.

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Positionspapier betreffend Covid-Zertifikate, Stand 08.06.21

Taskforce Culture

08. Juni 2021

Zum Covid-Zertifikat nimmt die Taskforce Culture eine klare und kritische Haltung ein...


Positionspapier der SMPA: Tempo, Praxistauglichkeit und Abrundung der Perspektive jetzt nötig


08. Juni 2021

Tempo, Praxistauglichkeit und Abrundung der Perspektive jetzt nötig...

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