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Parliamentary Group “Rock/Pop in the Federal Palace”


In autumn 2013, SVP/UDC National Councillor Felix Müri and SP/PS State Councillor Anita Fetz founded the Parliamentary Group “Rock/Pop in the Federal Palace” in the presence of the Executive Committee of the Swiss Music Promoters Association (SMPA).


Support across party lines

The industry is facing rising costs and increasing regulation. “As the organiser of the Supermoto motorcycle race on the Emmen military airfield, I am familiar with these and other concerns”, says National Councillor and concert fan Felix Müri. As the initiator of the Parliamentary Group “Rock/pop in the Federal Palace”, he wishes to ensure that organisers are given the opportunity to express their views effectively, at national level, on the many relevant issues. To co-chair the Group, Felix Müri recruited SP/PS State Councillor Anita Fetz who says: “The rock and pop music scene has much to contribute to the economy. Local and regional companies benefit from the industry’s direct and indirect creation of value. SMPA events across the country presently account for no less than CHF 358 million per year in turnover”.


SMPA, a competent partner on music- and events-related issues

The Swiss political spectrum is not only reflected in the presidency of the Group: the members of the Parliamentary Group represent practically all the country’s political parties and geographical regions. The Parliamentary Group does not intend to confine its work to pop and rock events; it aims to concern itself with popular culture in general, which has few boundaries of style. For its part, the SMPA can offer the Group and its members know-how and competence in many music- and events-related areas (copyright, withholding tax, security, grey/black ticketing market, vocational training, event sponsoring by the tobacco and spirits industry, etc.) extending well beyond the live entertainment industry. The Association has proven this in the past, in particular through its active contribution to the preparation and implementation of the Noise and Laser Ordinance, a regulation internationally regarded as exemplary. 


Members Parliamentary Group “Rock/Pop in the Federal Palace”


News and updates from the SMPA

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About SMPA

In 1991, the main organisers of concerts, shows and festivals in Switzerland decided to join forces and create a trade association, the SMPA. The SMPA members: together they account for over 80% of all concert, show and festival tickets sold in Switzerland. Each year, they organise about 1,700 events of all kinds, drawing about 5 million visitors, employing almost 3,000 artists in all and makes CHF 355 million with ticketing, catering and sponsoring.

Events of our Members

Cirque Noël De Bâle

Rosentalanlage, Basel

DAS ZELT: Lapsus On/Off

DAS ZELT, Allmend, Papiermühlestrasse 50, Bern

Disney in Concert 2018 - Mit dem Hollywood Sound Orchestra

Hallenstadion Zürich, Zürich

Ary Abittan - My Story

Théâtre du Léman, Genève

Ary Abittan - My Story

Salle Métropole, Lausanne

DAS ZELT: Neues von Michel aus Lönneberga

DAS ZELT, Allmend, Papiermühlestrasse 50, Bern

Die Grosse Giuseppe Verdi-Gala

Tonhalle, St. Gallen

DAS ZELT: Massimo Rocchi – 6zig

DAS ZELT, Allmend, Papiermühlestrasse 50, Bern

DAS ZELT: Claudio Zuccolini

DAS ZELT, Allmend, Papiermühlestrasse 50, Bern

Die grosse Giuseppe Verdi Gala

Kursaal Bern, Bern
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