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Paléo: And the Lifetime Achievement Award goes to… Daniel Rossellat


The European Festival Awards is proud to present this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award to Daniel Rossellat, President of Paléo Festival Nyon.

Born in 1953, Rossellat grew up in the countryside just outside Nyon and at the age of 19 became a youth worker. It was at about this time that he got together with a few friends and organised his first concerts at the Folk-Club de l’Escalier, which was to become ‘Paléo Arts & Spectacles’ in 1975, the association that is still responsible for organising Paléo Festival Nyon today. At a time when the profession of event organising was still in its infancy, Rossellat spent several years juggling between his responsibilities at Paléo, his studies in engineering and placements as a trainee journalist before finally inventing himself an entirely new and hitherto unknown job, that of festival director.

Across 42 editions, Paléo Festival has attracted more than six million festivalgoers and is today a major Swiss and European cultural event. With total crowds of more than 230,000 over six days, the Festival has built up a loyal and enthusiastic following. Recognition has come from fellow professionals too. Both the Festival and its charismatic figurehead have received numerous awards. In 2007, the French minister of culture and communication honoured Rossellat with the rank of Knight of the order of Arts and Letters and then in 2016 with the rank of Officer of the order of Arts and Letters.

The Festival has been awarded several prizes and certificates in recognition of its cultural work and for its environmental protection policy.

True to his role as managing director, Rossellat captains a happy ship with over 60 permanent salaried staff, an organising committee with over 100 members and more than 4,800 volunteers. His creative capacity and his qualities as a manager of large scale projects did not escape the notice of the Swiss national Expo 02, who appointed him head of events in 1999, a job involving the organising of 13,500 shows in 160 days. The enthusiastic and atypical boss of Paléo brings sincerity and simplicity to his job at the Festival as well as to his other spheres of activity, always placing friendship and human relations at the centre of his concerns.

It is for all of the above reasons and more that Daniel Rossellat has been named the recipient of this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the European Festival Awards. He will be presented with the trophy at the ninth annual EFA ceremony, which will take place on January 17 at ESNS 18, in Groningen, the Netherlands. 


Further information can be found here.


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